Spiral Flutes
Hand Crafted River Cane Flutes

Flutes and Prices

Current Flute Prices

Native American Style

Key of   Bb   $45

Key of   A     $60

Key of   G    $65

Key of   F#   $70

Key of    F    $80

Key of     E   $90

Irish Whistles

Low G     $40
Low D     $65

You can contact us via email at spiralflutes@yahoo.com
or phone us at 321 652 1584 to discuss what you might be looking for.
we can ship inside the continental US for $8.50
We can ship outside the US for actual shipping cost
Our flutes come with an instructional booklet.
We offer a fleece flute bag in various colors for $5.00 with flute purchase.

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